Stem Cells & PRP For Arthritis & Sports Injuries

PRP therapy has grown in popularity in recent years. From the fabled “vampire facial” to using PRP treatments to help with hair loss, platelet-rich plasma has taken the wellness world by storm. 

Clearly, PRP has a wide variety of uses. For individuals suffering from chronic pain, sports injuries, or any other degenerative conditions, stem cell and PRP therapy may be the answer.

How Does PRP/Stem Cell Therapy Work?

The process is actually rather simple. A small sample of blood is drawn and placed into a centrifuge, which spins the blood at an incredibly fast rate. From there, the components of the blood are separated, with the platelet-rich plasma portion rising to the top. 

This PRP solution is then injected directly into the damaged area. This concentration of growth factors increases cell formation, repairing the tissue in the targeted area. 

However, the real strength of PRP is when it’s used in conjunction with stem cell treatment. You’ll experience more profound results when it comes to pain relief and tissue regeneration when these are both used in conjunction.

You could think of stem cells being the seeds and PRP being the nutrients, rain, and sunshine that help them grow.

Benefits Of PRP And Stem Cell Therapy

PRP treatments are natural, in that you’re using your body’s own growth factors to stimulate cell growth, as well as non-invasive. There is no need for surgery or even anesthesia. 

This means you don’t have to deal with the lengthy downtime that’s required for surgery. This fact alone makes them a popular alternative to traditional pain relief treatments. On top of that, they’re also far less expensive. It’s also a lot easier to continue treatment if more sessions are needed to experience optimal results.

They’re also designed to give long-lasting results. These treatments are designed to target the root of the problem, not merely mask the pain or provide temporary relief like steroids or painkillers. 

A further benefit of these types of treatments is they are generally hypoallergenic in nature, since you are using your body’s own resources to facilitate healing, rather than introducing a foreign substance.

PRP Treatments In Action

PRP and stem cell therapy boosts your body’s natural healing capabilities, making it an effective, viable option to treat a variety of conditions. 

Here are some of the areas PRP and stem cells treatments have been found to be effective: 


  • Ankle/foot pain: Cartilage injuries, osteochondral lesions, or plantar fasciitis
  • Elbow pain: “Tennis” or “golfer’s” elbow or inflammation
  • Hip pain: Hip bursitis, tendinitis, and other joint dysfunctions that cause osteoarthritis
  • Knee pain: Tendinitis, bursitis, or any other type of degenerative knee issue
  • Lower Back Pain: Sacroiliac joint pain and dysfunction, arthritis, or facet joint pain
  • Shoulder Pain: Rotator cuff tears, arthritis, myofascial pain, or biceps tendinitis
  • Wrist/Finger Joint Pain: joint instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, or TFCC tears


PRP treatments are emerging as a key player in many of the above issues in muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons. 

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