No, it’s not the same. It’s better! Most people are going to be good candidates for this. Old hair removal techniques, like plucking, shaving and waxing, are only temporary as you know. Electrolysis was also used in the past and lasted a long time, but it was time-consuming. Each individual hair had to be treated so it was usually limited to smaller areas of the body. Laser hair removal, in contrast, is non-invasive, and removes unwanted hair safely without damaging skin structures and delicate pores. Bikini or face areas can usually be completed in under 20 minutes. Larger areas like legs or arms will take longer. The biggest selling point about laser hair removal is that the treatment affects a big number of hair follicles at once resulting in quicker more permanent results. As a rule of thumb, several treatments are required and you can expect to see a fifty percent reduction in hair growth after just one treatment. If you hate shaving, painful waxing, tweezing or electrolysis, our laser hair removal in Burbank may be the best solution for you.