Discover Which Foods May Be Affecting Your Health

Food intolerance tests are used to identify which substances may be affecting your health. Foods or other substances you ingest can cause things like gastrointestinal problems, joint trouble or respiratory illness and may also contribute to metabolism issues, migraines, fatigue or even dermatitis.

At FemCare we use something called an ALCAT test. Quite simply this test measures your body’s reaction to various substances.

Unlike a food allergy in which a specific food affects the body usually immediately, this food sensitivity testing procedure addresses the body’s negative reaction to substances which may affect it over longer periods of time.

How The Food Intolerance Test Is Performed

Breaking it down to the most basic level, we take a small blood sample which goes to the lab where your blood cells are tested to see which substances negatively affect them. With the results of the test, you’ll be able to see clearly which foods or substances affect your body and can then take the necessary diet and nutritional steps to make changes which can improve your health.

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