Assessing Health at the Cellular Level

Determining a person’s overall health can be done by looking at specific cells in the body since the body as a whole directly correlates to the health of its cells. In this instance we are talking about T-cells and lymphocytes. Cell health is something that can be measured in the laboratory. One of the criteria by which cell health is judged is metabolic activity. One of the things we at FemCare look for in micronutrient labs is the T-cell reaction to various stimuli. Lymphocytes, which are nucleated cells related to immune system function are also used in these tests because they are such an accurate representative of overall cell health.

Similar to food sensitivity testing, micronutrient labs look at what individual cells may lack since in order to be truly healthy they must take in certain micronutrients. The metabolic activity of the cells (and so also the body as a whole) depends on uptake of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and other substances to achieve optimal function.

While much of this information may seem overly technical, by identifying cell health and deficiencies, we can help our clients make the changes needed to boost health. One such test is the cellular micronutrient assay or CMA. Utilizing such lab tests is yet another way FemCare can identify nutritional deficiencies and help improve your overall health.

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