UBI Treatment with Ozone Therapy

Boosting the Body’s Immune System

UBI and Ozone. Is ozone therapy an effective treatment for chronic pain? Lyme disease? Fatigue? Allergy? What about cancer? According to a study, 70-80% of those with chronic disorders said that ozone and UBI therapy helped them significantly after 5 or more treatments.

Ultra Violet Blood Irradtion

What is ozone therapy and UBI? In the simplest terms it is the use of ozone (O3) and ultraviolet (UV) light to balance and strengthen one’s immune system for optimal health. The process includes taking a small amount of blood which is mixed with saline. Ozone is added to this mixture and then the mixture is drip-fed intravenously to the patient while passing through ultraviolet light. UBI stands for “Ultraviolet blood irradiation.” It’s a short process taking just about 45 minutes.

This safe and effective (and time-tested) treatment has been used in over 1 million therapies. It has been used to treat ailments and diseases from allergies to inflammation to joint pain, even autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular issues and cancer.

The addition of ozone to the blood which is replaced into the body causes what is called an “oxidative stress” to which the body responds by healing. The Harvard Medical School wrote that UV light adds energy to the red blood cells in the mixture, precipitating a “healing cascade” in the body.

If you are looking into treatments for a specific illness, malady or disease, utilizing ozone and UBI therapy at FemCare’s Burbank, CA location may be right for you. To find out more, please contact the professionals at FemCare at 818-357-5886

UBI ultraviolet light treatment for immune system

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