At FemCare we’re proud to offer Beautifill® which is a surgical body and facial rejuvenation as well as body contouring treatment which utilizes state-of-the-art laser technology to harvest your body’s fat from a donor area and transfer it to other, different areas of the body and face where you may desire to have more volume.

Will Beautifill® Work For Me?

BeautiFilll® is suitable for people who are nonsmokers and who are in good physical health. Patients should not have any conditions that would affect healing or circulation or healing. Please remember that this is not a weight-loss treatment.

How Does the Fat Grafting/Transfer Treatment Work?

BeautiFilll® is a procedure that is FDA-approved and which a thin laser wand is used to loosen up and harvest excess fat cells from the body areas like the thighs, hip, or abdomen. It is the first device of its kind and we’re very happy to be able to offer it to our clients. The laser is used to break up the fat (does not liquefy it), suctions it out gently and then rapidly processes it.

This system allow us to extract, prepare, and transfer fat to other areas of the body or face more quickly than ever before. As an added benefit, the laser energy tightens lax skin at the same time, reducing the risk of the skin sagging after the fat has been removed.

This refined fat (extracted and processed) can then be grafted by your surgeon into other areas of the body to restore volume to your cheeks, lips which may appear thin, hollow eyes, or in softening one’s nasolabial folds (the lines from the nose to the corner of your mouth). It can also be used to fill pitted scars or to create more fullness in the areas of buttocks or breasts.

Fat grafting results may vary, however under the right conditions this procedure can provide permanent enhancement. It is true that while injectable fillers may be absorbed by the body over time (requiring repeat treatments over time to preserve the results) fat grafting is different and can be permanent because the fat which has been transferred is a living substance.