What is a thread lift?

A thread lift is an esthetic procedure in which temporary sutures are used to make a visible “lift” in the patient’s skin. In traditional surgical facelifts, where a patient’s loose facial skin is removed, a trained cosmetic surgeon can merely use these threads to stitch up portions of the face. The effect is similar to surgery yet without the need for a scalpel. The skin is lifted and tightened. A secondary bonus of this procedure is that the thread lift promotes collagen production in the areas where the threads are placed. In effect it triggers this healing reaction. Extra collagen is important in helping the skin maintain its youthful appearance. It helps heal wounds but it’s also the substance that keeps our skin supple and strong.

With aging our bodies produce less collagen. It’s a big reason we can develop wrinkles as we get older. Less collagen production and the effects of gravity, pulling the skin down over the years, contribute to sagging skin. The fact that a thread lift, when performed when the skin is still fairly supple and not
“lax” also has the benefit of increasing collagen production is a one-two punch toward a younger appearance. The collagen hydrates and thickens the skin. This occurs on an ongoing basis as long as the threads are in place.

By choosing a thread lift over a traditional facelift the patient avoids many of the negative aspects of surgery such as anesthesia and long healing time. In traditional facelift surgery a patient will need transportation to and from the surgery center and extra care immediately following the surgery. Not so with a thread lift. The procedure may take only 15-30 minutes and you’ll be free to go about your business almost immediately.

Profound For Added Benefits

Combining threads or a thread lift with Profound radiofrequency treatment can provide even more skin tightening benefits. As we point out on our Profound page, a single treatment can create up to five times the elastin in the skin which creates resilience and elasticity in the skin. Using the Profound device provides about 30% of the effect of a traditional facelift, yet without surgery!

If you are concerned about the look of sagging skin especially around the neck area, contact us at FemCare to find out more about the benefits of thread lifts and Profound.

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