Achieve Younger Acting Skin

At FemCare Health and Beauty, cutting-edge treatments make us the number one choice to help diminish the signs of aging including loose skin, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring, age spots or an uneven skin tone. With the Opus Plasma Laser we can treat a variety of skin concerns. This system uses radiofrequency (RF) and microplasma energy to achieve great results (though your results may vary). And, perhaps best of all is the fact that there is minimal downtime.

Using the Opus Plasma™ Laser

Co2 laser resurfacing is the most powerful skin rejuvenation technique available today. Opus Plasma achieves results through an ablative CO2 laser. Using this laser and peel the skin actually acts younger than it is due to the fact that the treatment affects the skin at a cellular level. In essence it “resets the clock” of your skin. Each patient is unique and our expert estheticians will customize a treatment that is specifically geared to your skin and concerns.

Areas of Skin Treated

The areas we treat most often include things like face, neck, hands and tummy to give each area a younger look. Great results may be noticeable after a single treatment but on average we recommend 3-4 for optimal results. The treatment usually has minimal pain but our estheticians may apply topical anesthetic to the area to be treated as needed.

Opus Plasma treatments are fast, too! They usually take around 20 – 30 minutes. There may be some redness (usually mild) following treatment or some swelling. These are temporary and should disappear quickly, allowing you to return to normal activities.

Am I a Candidate for Opus Plasma™?

If you’re troubled by wrinkles, loose or sagging skin, rough or uneven skin tone or age spots this may be a perfect treatment for you. We can treat any skin type with Opus Plasma including darker skin types, something that was problematic with fractional skin resurfacing treatments in the past.

Make The Call to FemCare

If you want to learn more about Opus Plasma™ or have questions of any kind, the professionals at FemCare are here to help. Call our Burbank medical spa to schedule a consultation and assessment 818-357-5886. We look forward to seeing you and to seeing a new, younger-looking you!