Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) & Stem Cell

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What is the Stem Cell Procedure?

The techniques we use for Stem Cell is The Gold Standard for stem cell regeneration. We use all three kinds of regenerative Orthopedics for this procedure. Many other clinics only use one or two of these procedures, but not all three. We use the highest concentration of stem cell. We inject both of these sources of stem cells and then use PRP Therapy to accelerate their healing. In addition, we use  Dextrose Prolotherapy  on the outside of the joint to help stabilize the ligaments and tendons that hold the joint in place. Again, this procedure is usually used for cases where one has been told to have their joint replaced, have bone-on-bone, advanced arthritis, severe meniscus or labral tear or other aggressive injuries. This is only recommended after a very thorough history and physical exam. It is important to have either an x-ray or MRI to confirm what is known from the above exams. Not everyone is a candidate for this procedure, but many are.

Remember that once surgery is done, it cannot be un-done!



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Hair Restoration

FemCare Health & Beauty is excited to offer the latest in non-surgical hair regrowth therapy for men and women with A-Cell (MatriStem MicroMatrix®) + PRP (platelet-rich plasma).


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