Profound is…profound! But seriously it is a radiofrequency (RF) treatment which combines the technology of microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy that is temperature controlled.

In essence, the applicator used contains multiple small needles which are inserted under the skin.  Needles inserted in this superficial way tighten the skin by heating up the dermis (the inner layers of the two main layers of skin) and causing elastin and collagen formation.

Profound needles are different in that they go deeper into the fat layer, which is exactly where those fibrous bands are located which cause the lumpy appearance of cellulite. The radiofrequency (RF) energy used melts a portion of these tight bands, which helps release the indentations, and at the same time tightens the surrounding skin.  All this gives a smoother appearance to the cellulite found on the hips, buttock, and thighs.

“Finally, a good non-surgical option for cellulite”

Profound is a proven, effective cellulite treatment. A recently-conducted study using Profound for cellulite examined and analyzed irregularities and dimples in the skin. There was significant improvement in cellulite in the area of the thigh after only one treatment at 3 – 6 months following the treatment.  Of course, patients do have to be realistic in their expectations and some patients want a second treatment after six months to really achieve their desired outcome.