Only FDA-Approved Technology for Lifting of the Eyelids and Eyebrows As Well As Neck and Jawline

Non Surgical Solutions to Fine Lines and Acne Scarring

Eyebrow lift. Eyelid lift. No surgery! It’s now possible with the Sofwave™ device. FemCare is excited to announce the arrival of Sofwave™, the ONLY FDA-approved application for eyebrow and eyelid lifting. This innovative device allows us to target droopy or lowered eyelids or eyebrows for a non-surgical lift. Sofwave™ can also help with the reduction of fine lines and acne scarring as well as firming of the neck and jawline. Take a look at some before and after photos to see what kind of results are possible with Sofwave™. Read more about this amazing technology on the Sofwave™ website!

Get Rid of Turkey Neck or Double Chin

“Turkey neck.” Even the words cause us to cringe a bit. If you’ve found that age has left you with that unwanted sagging skin below your chin but you thought the only solution was surgery, think again. Advances in technology happen constantly and yesterday’s remedies may be replaced with something new and better. That’s the case with SofWave™. This innovative device helps firm skin in several areas of the face and can help reduce or eliminate that so-called “turkey neck.” Maybe you’re living with a double chin. In some instances exercise alone can’t fully restore the chin, neck or jawline to its former state and indeed, gaining weight can stretch out the skin leaving it still sagging after weight loss. This can be due to the loss of collagen as we age and the skin doesn’t “snap back” like it used to. The result is we may end up feeling frustrated and demoralized with our appearance. Again, SofWave™ may be able to help you. With all the possible applications of this revolutionary device it makes perfect sense to investigate how it can help you.

Clinically Proven and Non-Invasive

Non-Surgical Answer to Sagging Skin of Droopy Eyes

Sagging skin (aka, turkey neck) or those areas of the face that may need a lift like eyebrows or eyes can be treated in 30-45 minutes! That’s non-invasive–meaning no surgery! Here’s what SofWave™ has to say themselves about this device:

Sofwave™’s breakthrough, non-invasive Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam Technology SUPERB™ answers the growing demand for treatments that deliver noticeable wrinkle reduction, lift the eyebrows and neck, and affect the appearance of lax tissue in the submental neck regions.

Sofwave™ delivers energy simultaneously to coagulate more tissue area, more quickly at a depth of 1.5mm mid-dermis that achieves beneficial effects in 30-45 minutes treatment time.

Sofwave™ empowers physicians through a high-touch approach, dedicated expert team, and innovative best-in-class technology.

SofWave™ Addresses Common Concerns About Sagging Skin

When people are faced with aging and sagging skin, they may experience a range of emotions and concerns. It’s important to note that individual responses can vary, and people’s feelings about aging are influenced by factors such as personal beliefs, cultural norms, and societal pressures. Here are some common emotional responses:

  1. Self-consciousness: Many individuals may feel self-conscious or insecure about the changes in their skin’s appearance. The visible signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging, can impact self-esteem and body image.
  2. Frustration or disappointment: Some people may feel frustrated or disappointed with the natural aging process, especially if they have invested time and effort in skincare routines or other methods to maintain a youthful appearance.
  3. Fear of judgment: There can be a fear of being judged by others based on societal standards of beauty and youthfulness. This fear may contribute to feelings of anxiety or stress.
  4. Loss of youth: Aging skin may be associated with the loss of youth, which can be emotionally challenging for some individuals. This loss may be connected to broader societal attitudes that value youthfulness.
  5. Pressure to look younger: Societal expectations and beauty standards often place a premium on a youthful appearance. This pressure can lead to feelings of inadequacy or the need to conform to these standards, potentially driving individuals to seek cosmetic interventions.
  6. Acceptance and empowerment: On the positive side, some people embrace the aging process and view it as a natural part of life. They may focus on self-acceptance and find empowerment in the wisdom and experiences that come with age.
  7. Motivation for self-care: For others, the realization of aging skin can serve as motivation to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, including skincare routines, proper nutrition, and exercise.
  8. Cultural influences: Cultural attitudes toward aging can also play a significant role. In some cultures, aging is revered, and the elderly are respected for their wisdom and experience. In others, there may be a greater emphasis on maintaining a youthful appearance.

It’s crucial to recognize that attitudes toward aging and sagging skin are diverse and influenced by various factors. Supportive communities, positive role models, and a focus on overall well-being can contribute to a healthier perspective on the aging process. Additionally, embracing a mindset of self-love and acceptance can help individuals navigate the emotional aspects of aging.

Supportive Environment

Whatever the motivation to reduce signs of aging (to feel better, look better, have a better self-image) we at FemCare are her not just to provide a service but to do so in an environment that is welcoming first and foremost, warm, relaxing and which offers that emotional support and caring that everyone deserves. We think that’s what make us so unique in the world of medical spas and the reason for the wonderful reviews our clients have given us.