Labiaplasty for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Restructuring the Vagina Surgically

Vaginal rejuvenation, or what is medically known as labia minoraplasty (labiaplasty) is the medical elimination of excess unwanted skin from your inner vaginal lips. It is necessary to note that in the majority of instances labiaplasty needs to be carried out along with a clitoral hood decrease to achieve the wanted result. It is a treatment that requires special skill especially to restructure the varying vulva makeup that women have. Our physicians have the skill and training to tailor the treatment to your unique body. Labia come in many different sizes and shapes requiring knowledge and familiarity with several appropriate techniques. Our vaginal rejuvenations procedures are done in-office under local anesthetic.

Your Experience with Labiaplasty at FemCare

Leading Factors Why Women Desire Labiaplasty

  • Stops you from wearing certain things. Our clients have actually reported discomfort in jeans or thongs, athletic or swim wear.
  • Self consciousness about a bulge in that area. Whether it be in a swimsuit or yoga exercise pants, our patients want the liberty to be comfortable.
  • Lack of confidence in intimate moments. Lots of patients go without intimacy because they’re embarrassed.
  • Discomfort during sex. Long labia can be pulled throughout sexual activity. This rubbing can also create tears.
  • Regular yeast or urinary tract infections. While not examined formally, we have anecdotal reports of total remission or decreasing of UTIs and also yeast infections following their treatment.
  • Chaffing/Skin Inflammation. As the lengthy and/or thick labial skin rubs together, it can cause both more darkening as well as more enlargement in addition to dry skin and itching.
  • Bad Remarks. Unfortunately, numerous women have actually reported instances of unflattering remarks regarding their hanging labia. In some cases it has come from peers but also from their partners.
  • Disrupts Athletic Activities. Horseback riders, swimmers, joggers, professional dancers, volleyballers, gymnasts, bicyclists, as well as triathletes have come to our medical spa for this treatment.
  • Visually displeasing. Some women just do not like how it looks. One side could longer than the other or they simply desire it evened out while other times they desire an “outie” to be be turned into an “innie”.
  • Birth Injury. Throughout a woman’s labor and delivery labia can get torn. The result may be a dangling part of the labia that they (used to) have to live with.

Overview of Labiaplasty

Exactly How Is Labiaplasty Really Done?

It is necessary to note that 90% of ladies looking for labiaplasty additionally need a clitoral hood reduction. This is in order to attain their preferred results. As a result, 90% of our vaginal rejuvenation patients book labiaplasty with clitoral hood reduction together.

At our medspa labiaplasty is done using local anesthesia with the patient’s choice of mild sedation if desired. A numbing lotion is used as well while we prepare you for your treatment. Your skin is then cleaned up as well as prepped and surgical markings are made. Your doctor then injects a long acting local anesthetic to achieve complete numbness. Our doctors then proceed with designing and shaping the appearance you prefer. The specific technique used is that which best applies to your anatomy. As soon as the excess skin has been removed, self-absorbing stitches are precisely put under the skin which lessens scarring or puckering. Following their positioning you can view the result in a mirror.

What Is The Healing Process Like?

Your recovery starts right here in our medical spa. We have a well-prepared post-op treatment kit with all your necessary recuperation supplies. Once you have gotten dressed you can usually drive yourself home (barring the use of any sedative during the procedure). At home, you might take an OTC pain pill if needed. 50% of our clients report no need for prescription pain meds and tell us that just acetaminophen or advil worked well. By the nest day over-the-counter pain meds will be all that’s needed for pain management. Most women are extremely pleasantly surprised by the less than expected discomfort they run into during healing. 6 weeks is the typical healing time.

Vagina before and after vaginal rejuvenation surgery

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my period starts near my procedure date?

Mentrual periods can be difficult and it can sometimes be a cause for worry, but a little menstrual blood won’t affect your labiaplasty. You may be told to use a tampon during the treatment which your doctor will take out carefully at the end. Afterward you’ll use pads until your period stops. If you don’t use or want to use tampons, your level of bleeding will be evaluated. Your labiaplasty procedure might need to be rescheduled.

Just how much time should I plan to take off?

This can differ a bit depending upon what type of job you do yet in general 2-3 days off is all that is needed.

Can I exercise after vaginal rejuvenation?

We stress that you take 1 week off from exercising entirely to enable your body to have a head start on recovery. The majority of exercising can take place after 7-10 days after the procedure with the exception of things like horseback riding, biking, swimming, yoga, Pilates, motorbike riding or deep leg squats.

Will there be any type of feelings changes?

Many labia have little sensation (or none at all) and also consequently what’s experienced by clients tends to be totally positive. No more having your labia pinched during intercourse. The section of the labia that does have some sensation is the frenulum we are careful not to disrupt this area.

Will there be any constraints during my recuperation?

While labiaplasty healing is relatively easy, there are some no-nos to stay clear of. No baths. Don’t soak in water for 6 weeks. This can speed up dissolution of the sutures. Be sure to adhere to the limits on exercising. No sex or use of tampons for 6 weeks.

Do you utilize a laser?

We use an Ellman surgitron instead of a scalpel. This permits exact cuts and also far better recovery.

Do the stitches need to be removed?

The suture made use of to close the cuts is dissolvable. No stitch elimination for most!!! There is just an uncommon situation of a couple of stitches that hang on up until the 6 week follow up consultation where they can be gently and quickly removed.

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