Project Description

Hair Transplant and Hair Growth Therapy




SmartGraft Hair Transplant:

Hair restoration procedures in the past required major surgery, laving a large linear scar across the back of the head. Recovery time was slow and undecomfortable. Newer automated and robot technologies have been developed but are still slow and inefficient.

SmartGraft is a smarter option for both men and women searching for a permanent solution to hair loss.

SmartGraft’s revolutionary technology delivers better results in less time than any other currently available FUE method.

Am I a good candidate for a procedure using SmartGraft?

The majority of hair loss patients are candidate for the SmartGraft procedure, particularly those who would like to wear very short haircuts, want the least amount of activity restriction after their procedure, or have had a prior strip procedure , and need a scar camuflage.

The best way to determine this is through a free consultation. Contact us to set one up Today! SmartGraft is the smart choice for hair restoration.

FemCare Health & Beauty is excited to offer the latest  non-surgical procedures and hair growth therapies for men and women.

New Standard of Hair Loss Therapy:

Exosomes Hair Loss Treatment

Using Exosomes and growth factors as a treatment for hair loss has shown prominent hair growth results in both men and woman. It’s highly recommended for those whor are too young for hair transplant surgery and for those within the early stages of the hair loss cycle. Organicell Exosomes Hair Therapy may begin promoting natural hair growth in as little as two to three months.

New hair growth can continue over the course of a year, with the most noticeable results usually being seen six months after treatment has been administered. The new hair growth can provide patients with natural, thicker and fuller results.

Why Exosomes?

  • Isolating the beneficial signals given out by stemcells and using them, rather than the stem cells themselves, is the next generation of therapy.
  • Other cells will react to these messaging signals and will change their behaviour accordingly. There is a tremenndous therapeutic potential for extracellular vesicles, particularly exosomes.
  • Organicel Exosomes are derived from Perinatal Source.


A century of history has been documented with no reported recipient rejections because the amniotic tissue does not express HLA type antigens. In fact, there is a significant body of peer-reviewed literature documenting anti-microbial, anti-iflammator, and anti-tumorigenic characteristics. Additionally the literature demonstrated up-regulation of healthy , strong tissue regeneration.