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Face Lift Non-Invasive : Gives you an immediate Lift, changes skin textures, removes wrinkles with long lasting results.

FemCare’s revolutionary Non-Invasive Facelift involves a combination of procedures and treatments that provide optimal, long-lasting results.

Non-Invasive Face lift is a mini face lift treatment, most notable for its affordability and low downtime. The procedure provides an immediate lift, changes skin textures and removes wrinkles, making patients look up to 10 years younger. Each procedure includes multi-modality treatments with 3 additional visits.

Nova Thread Facelift

The Nova Thread Facelift is a non-surgical procedure that safely and instantly, lifts and tightens loose skin on the face and neck. The procedure takes less than an hour, requires minimal downtime, and rarely requires anesthesia, making it an excellent alternative to an invasive facelift.

How does it work?

Thin sterilized threads are inserted just below the surface of the skin through tiny incisions. The thread is attached to the subdermal tissue and then gently pulled back to lift and smooth skin. Inserted underneath the skin, the Nova thread is not visible on the surface. After the procedure, the skin is allowed to heal itself around the incisions as the threads are safely absorbed by your body over a period of four to six months. The threads also aide in stimulating your skin’s natural healing properties and producing new collagen.

Results are immediate and dramatic; the “lifted” skin no longer sags and your face appears rejuvenated. The healing occurs under the skin and out of sight, allowing for smooth, lifted-skin with no scar tissue.

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