Project Description

Profound Facelift


Bring the Snap Back to your Skin with 1 single Profound  Procedure

Elastin levels deplete naturally as we age. Sagging skin loses its snap back, lack of elastin contributes to laxity, sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Collagen levels decrease; hyaluronic acid levels diminish, and elastin production slows to a stop.

But there’s good news!

A single, nonsurgical Profound treatment is clinically proven to create up to 5x the elastin and provide a 37% improvement in skin laxity as compared to a surgical facelift. This increased elastin created improvements in skin elasticity and resilience.

Radiofrequency treatment using the Profound device to tighten the skin but also create more volume and elastic tissue especially in the area around the jowls and the wrinkles around the mouth.  Profound stimulates the reproduction of hyaluronic acid, new collagen and elastin. Studies have shown that the Profound procedure produces one-third the effect of a surgical face-lift.

Good candidates for the Profound procedure are people who have sagging skin, especially in the cheeks or jowls, wrinkles along the cheeks and loss of volume around the mouth and cheeks, as well as upper lip wrinkles. Profound is good for all skin types as the radio frequency energy is color-blind, allowing this to be a safe treatment for persons with Asian, Hispanic, African-American or Indian skin.

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